About us

J Brew is a great guy. a company made up of people who like real beer.

The one with foam, the one to drink in company and the one that, after all, doesn't need justifications to be good.

We won't tell you how J Brew descends from the generational dream of live in the midst of nature and is produced in the 18th century cellar with brick vaults of imperishable memory.
We will not tell you that its essence matures from the meeting of hops in danger of extinction, organic and with natural properties. curative.
We will not tell you that our Brewmaster (who is Mastra Birraia for us), directly cultivates the ingredients in the garden behind the brewery and picks them during the last quarter of the waning moon only on odd days at a constant temperature.

In short, we don't need to tell you stories.

J Brew was born from an idea of four Milanese entrepreneurs with a taste for beauty. The goal was to add to the panorama of Italian microbreweries an actor capable of reproducing aromas and blends in true artisan style.
located in the Milan area; and all the processing takes place with manual systems and the set of production methodologies sees the ability; from the master brewer to the center of the process, from the selection of raw materials to the supervision of the bottling up to the labelling, which also takes place manually, individually bottle by individual bottle.
The period of at least 90 days for refermentation in the bottle it allows for a perfect amalgamation of the components that are activated during this process, giving the product a unique taste and body, with an unforgettable persistence on the palate.
The production is; deliberately limited to 25,000 bottles a year, due to the will to underline the uniqueness of the of an exclusive product that can only be achieved with small series; able to guarantee.