Welcome, you are in Club J Brew.

Make yourself comfortable, sit wherever you want, order a beer.


We'll explain in a few words where you entered.

With us, beer is; without much talk, & egrave; beer.
Here, beer is; a choice and you can taste it without needing to be a sommelier.
Here, beer is; artisanal, with high and long fermentation, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
For us it is; It's very important to keep our beers authentic, we don't want to make them more expensive. beautiful.
So they are cloudy and with sediment. Honest.

In our Club we serve J Brew with the glass that most appeals to you. it knows how to release its characteristics.
Not a random glass. But the one dedicated to her.
We are attentive to the serving temperature because it is a top-fermented beer and we don't want to cover any aroma. We have grown fond of it.
We pour it with care and serve it to you with the right foam hat, because it's so delicious. it is so; that real beer should be drunk.

Well, now that you have a proper beer in front of you, relax.

If you want to become a member of our Club, sign up.
You will receive preferential treatment on the purchase of all J Brew products and you will have access to privileges dedicated to true enthusiasts. 

  • Premium price: minimum 10% discount on all our products.
  • Preview of new crushes: elitist prices for new productions.
  • Front row events: personalized invitation to events.
  • Purchase history: so; the next drink will be yours. more easy.