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Each carton contains:

  • 3 bottles of 75 cl of DB5

  • 2 bottles of 75 cl of RAPSODIA

  • 1 bottle of 75 cl of 53'S




Each beer is different from the other. Even the most trained tasters never stop learning and discovering new flavours. Here then is the J Brew tasting kit. Each tasting begins with a preliminary visual examination. We advise you to start with the blonde. Through the eyes, the brain prepares to taste the DB5: fresh and refreshing but with a strong character. Continue with the amber, sweeter and more spicy. Take a big sip and then a smaller one. This is how you will be able to better feel the caramel aroma of Rhapsody and enjoy its delicate carbonation. You have reached the end. Gently pour the 53's to let the foam breathe so that it takes shape. The balance between its parts is harmonious and needs no explanation. But you still try to name the aromas you smell. Now that you've tried them all, pick your favorite.

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